Baby Boy

So, my mother is being “bossy.”  (That is a direct quote from her).  Apparently, when I point people towards a blog for a baby registry, it is social protocol to make sure said blog has been updated to the present time.  This particular blog about these particular chickens, has not been updated in almost, oh I don’t know, a year?!  So, yeah mom, I guess it is time to post something exciting.

And what’s more exciting than our baby boy!  Our baby is due on December 26th (apparently we are really bad at math)! But, none the less, we are super excited to welcome our first baby to the Wright family during the upcoming Christmas season.  I am hoping he will come a little early, so we can enjoy Christmas with him, but as long as he is here before January, I am happy (i.e. for a better tax return – I promise I’m not having a child for the tax return, it is just an added bonus).  But, My grandfather has informed me that there are already 3 people in the Suggett family born on January 4th.  We could have lucky number 4 on the 4th!  He also highly encouraged me to name him Charles or Edwin (my Papa’s first and middle name).  Duly noted Pop!

In other news, baby appears to be super healthy! He has all the proper appendages, and he is kicking me like crazy.  Don’t get me wrong, the kicking is pretty cool, but a swift and timely kick to the bladder is not that pleasant.


So, I hope to be posting a few more posts this week, since I’ve dropped the ball for the last 10 months, but for now, enjoy these pictures of Baby Wright!

Baby boy at about 10 weeks

15 weeks

19 weeks

And a creepy one of him looking straight at us!  This was at 20 weeks.  Doesn’t he look like the skeleton monkey on Pirates of the Caribbean?  HAHA!



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