1st Anniversary and Birthday Part One

Well, this past Monday, November 7th, was our one year anniversary.  We both can’t believe how fast the past year has flown by.  We’ve enjoyed life, learned a lot, endured difficulties, and have made it through one full year of marriage.  And we can honestly say, we are happy.  We are in love with each other, kept busy by work, entertained by Lucy, and saved by God’s grace.  What more can these chickens ask for?!

So back to Monday, we decided to spend our anniversary/my 24th birthday in San Diego.  We couldn’t have been blessed with better weather.  It was 62 degrees and not a cloud in the sky the whole day.  We spent the majority of the day at the San Diego Zoo.  Brandon took me to the zoo for our 4th anniversary of dating (at least I think it was the 4th year)  and that was my first visit.  And after this second visit, I must say that it is becoming one of my favorite places.  We had so much fun, and so did the animals!  Take a look =)

Brandon named this guy “One-Hump Harry.”  Haha!!


This is a polar bear charging the glass, because evidently he doesn’t like me taking pictures of him.  Sadly, immediately following this picture, I jumped back for fear of being ran over.  So, just use your imagination and pretend that you are now looking at a top class shot of a polar bear’s nose smushed against the glass.

I love this panda.  He is just so photogenic.

munch munch munch…





The guy in the middle did not like Brandon.  He stared him down and then jumped up and started hitting the glass.  Crazy monkeys.



After a fantastic day at the zoo, we headed to downtown San Diego and had dinner while watching the sunset.


And lastly, what’s a one year anniversary without a frozen cake?  It still looked just as pretty as it did last year =)

In my next post, I’ll tell ya all about my birthday backyard makeover!  Trust me, you should be excited.

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